Who are we?

The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is the national scientific, educational and professional organization of chemists, chemical engineers and chemical technologists. The Vision and the Mission of the CIC is as follows:



Chemistry is central to the well-being of society.

Our vision statement, though simple, transmits a depth of understanding of the chemical sciences and engineering, and of society as a whole.



Advance the principles and practices of the chemical sciences for the betterment of society.

The betterment of society covers three pillars: (1) Environment; (2) Health and Safety; and (3) Economy and Energy.



The Chemical Institute of Canada, often referred to as the CIC or the Institute, serves as the umbrella organization for three Constituent Societies:

The Societies address the scientific and technical needs of their particular members. The Institute provides the mechanism for these three groups to interact and cooperate, and promotes their common scientific and technical interests. The Institute also provides a variety of services to its members.


For more information, please visit the CIC national website.