MCSILS 2016 – Dr. David MacMillan

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The CIC Montreal Section is a proud sponsor of the McGill Chemistry Students Invited Lectures Series. This year, MCSILS is very fortunate to be hosting Dr. David MacMillan, member of the Merck Center for Catalysis at Princeton University, as a distinguished lecturer.

Dr. MacMillan will talk about new photoredox reactions.

This lecture will discuss the advent and development of new concepts in chemical synthesis, specifically the application of visible light photoredox catalysis to the discovery or invention of new chemical transformations.  This lecture will explore a strategy the discovery of chemical reactions  using  photoredox  catalysis.    Moreover,  we  will  further  describe  how  mechanistic understanding  of  these  discovered  processes  has  led  to  the  design  of  new  yet  fundamental chemical transformations that we hope will be broadly adopted.  In particular (i) a new catalysis activation mode that allows for the direct functionalization of ketones and aldehydes at the β-carbon position, (ii) the development of C–H abstraction and decarboxylative coupling reactions that interface with organometallic catalysis.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday May 31st at 2:30pm in Otto Maass 112  (801 Sherbrooke Street West, McGill Downtown Campus).

We hope you can join us!

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